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Quilter's Harvest Newsletter 
May, June, July & August 2017
1913 N Main      Higginsville, MO
660-584-3399   www.quiltersharvest.com
HoursTuesday – Friday:  9:30am - 5pm      
 Sat 9:30am – Noon       Monday by chance or appointment

I have no clue where March and April went!  I know that I had a few shows, and substitute taught, but wow!!!  So here is the Summer Newsletter with a little bit of May added.  The shop should be back to “Normal”, whatever that is, after May 19th, the last day of school.

We have rearranged the shop and made a larger class/studio area.  Come in…I think you will like it. 

I’ve been designing several new patterns…. some with wool…some are paper-pieced… some are even with selvages.  I have lots more coming, so stay tuned and come in to see them.  Most have kits available.








Here's what is Happening this quarter....

We are again a part of The Ozark Quilting Trail.  There are over 30 quilt shops and studios that are participating this year.  Our main fabric is designed by Hoffman and is a beautiful batik with Dogwoods on it.  For more information come in the shop or go to www.ozarkquiltingtrail.com


Mark your calendars for our In-House Summer Retreat on
August 17th – 19th
Cost is $65 for all 3 days, $50 for 2 days and $30 for Saturday (includes Friday night).  Almost all meals are included in the price as well as door prizes and snacks.  Retreat is Thursday, 9am-9pm; Friday 9am-11pm and Saturday 9am-3pm.  Call now to reserve your spot!


Friday Open Sewing

On the Fridays that I don’t have shows or teach….come and sew on whatever you would like whenever you like from 9am until 5pm.  Lunch is up to you…eat in or out.   It’s just a nice time to sew with others.  Just let me know ahead of time if you plan on coming.  There is no charge for this.


Quilters Anonymous

Our Quilters Anonymous group has a great time visiting and sewing on the third Friday evening of each month from 6-11 pm.  Bring in that project you’ve been meaning to start or finish and get in some uninterrupted time for yourself.  The cost for the evening is $10, if we don't go out to at.  **Please note that June's QA is June 9th and July's QA is July 7th.


Our Show Schedule for June and July:

June 15-17 - Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival - Overland Park, KS

July 13-14 - Quiltfest 2017 - Hot Springs, AR

July 27-29 - Quilt Nebraska - Kearney, NE

Summer Class Special...Take the first class and then any class you take in that series will be just $10 each.  Soooo for example....in May I take the Patchwork Pillow Class.  Then....for June, July and August, I can take those classes for just $10 each.  That gives me extra sewing time and help if I need it!!

The classes that qualify are:  Selvage Quilt, Patchwork Pillows, Mug Rug Thru the Year and Tiny Dresdens.



May 13th, 9:30am – 2nd  Saturday project
May 14th – Happy Mothers Day
May 18th, 10am–3pm – Selvage Quilt Class
May 19th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
May 19th, 5pm – 11pm – Quilters Anonymous
May 23rd, 10am-3pm - Black Cat Class
May 24th, 10am-3pm – Mug Rug Class
May 25th, 10am-3pm – Patchwork Pillow Class
May 26th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
May 29th – Memorial Day
May 30th, 10am-3pm – Garden Whimsies Class
May 31st, 10am-3pm – Tiny Dresden Class

June 2nd - 4th, Closed –Mini Vacation
June 6th, 10am-3pm – Patchwork Pillow Class
June 8th, 10am-3pm – Tiny Dresden Class
June 9th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
June 9th, 5pm – 11pm – Quilters Anonymous
June 10th, 9:30am – 2nd  Saturday project
June 14th-19th – Closed –Vending at Overland Park, Kansas
June 18th – Happy Fathers Day
June 21st – First day of Summer!
June 21st, 10am-3pm – Garden Whimsies Class
June 22nd, 10am–3pm – Selvage Quilt Class
June 23rd, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
June 28th, 10am–3pm – Mug Rug Class
June 29th, 10am-3pm – Black Cat Class
June 30th, 10am–5pm – Open Sewing

July 4th – Happy Birthday America! Closed
July 5th, 10am-3pm – Garden Whimsies Class
July 6th, 10am-3pm – Black Cat Class
July 7th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
July 7th - 5pm – 11pm – Quilters Anonymous
July 8th, 9:30am – 2nd  Saturday project
July 11th, 10am-3pm – Selvage Quilt Class
July 12th – 16th – Closed, Vending at Hot Springs, AR
July 18th, 10am-3pm – Tiny Dresden Class
July 19th, 10am-3pm – Patchwork Pillow Class
July 20th, 10am-3pm – Mug Rug Class
July 21st, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
July 26th-30th – Closed – Vending at Kearney, NE

August 2nd, 10am-3pm – Tiny Dresden Class
August 4th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
August 8th, 10am-3pm – Black Cat Class
August 10th, 10am-3pm – Mug Rug Class
August 11
th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
August 12th - CLOSED
August 15th, 10am-3pm – Garden Whimsies Class
August 17th - 19th - In-House Retreat
August 19th, 9:30am – 2nd  Saturday project
August 18th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
August 18th, 5pm – 11pm – Quilters Anonymous
August 23rd, 10am-3pm – Patchwork Pillow Class
August 25th, 10am-5pm – Open Sewing
August 30th, 10am-3pm – Selvage Quilt Class

Class times are 10am-3pm and
all classes are $25 each unless otherwise stated.


Enrollment for classes close 1 week before the class date so that we can properly prepare for class.  If at least 2 students are not enrolled in a class, it may be canceled. Payment constitutes enrollment.  Refunds are issued as store credit when Quilter’s Harvest must cancel a class due to bad weather, low enrollment, or an emergency.  One week’s notice is required from the student for refunds.


If you would like to take a class and can’t on the dates we have scheduled,
let me know and I’ll try to make other accommodations.

 My Selvage Quilt*…
If you have lots of selvages lying around and don’t know what to do with them, this might be your answer!  This is a great little project to get use to sewing selvages.  Class fee is $30 and includes the pattern.  If you already have the pattern, class is $25.  Don’t have any selvages-don’t worry….I have some scrap selvages bags for purchase.  Class dates are:  May 18th, June 22nd, July 11th and Aug 30th
Garden Whimsies…
This quilt measures 8 ½” x 11” and is great for the summer!  You’ll learn fusible appliqué while working on this cute little project.  Class fee is $25 and the pattern or kit is required.  Kits are available for $19.95.  Class dates are:  May 30th, June 21st, July 5th and Aug 15th.

Patchwork Pillows*…
What a fun way to try working with wool and do some embroidery in the same class!  There are 12 different designs that you may select to make.  Kits are available for $14.95 each and include all the wool, fabric and pattern.  Class fee is $25 and the pattern or kit is required.  Class dates are:  May 25th, June 6th, July 19th and Aug 23rd.

 Mug Rugs Thru the Year*…

These are fun to make and make great gifts! There are 12 different designs to choose from.  Come and sew a little and embroidery a little.  Class fee is $25 and pattern or kit is required.  Kits available for all 12 designs for just $13.95 each.  Class dates are:  May 24th, June 28th, July 20th and Aug 10th

Tiny Dresdens*….
These finish 6” x 8” and really aren’t hard to make.  Susan Marth has designed 13 of these mini quilts.  You can select which ever design you would like.  We have a little sewing and a little embroidery work and a little appliqué…so cute.  Class fee is $25 and requires a pattern or kit.  Kits are available  for $13.95 each.  Class dates are:  May 31st, June 8th, July 18th and Aug 2nd.

Black Cat on Moon….
Halloween isn’t that far away.   Stitch this not so scary cat for your decorations.  You could even frame it if you didn’t want to do any of the quilting.  Class fee is $25 and the pattern is required.  Come stitch with us on May23rd, June 29th, July 6th or Aug 8th.  Basic embroidery stitches are used.



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I had so many people love this one, I brought it back….

Caramel Apple Salad
1 C milk
1 pkg. 1 oz, instant butterscotch pudding mix
2 C whipped topping
3 ½ C chopped apples (with or w/o peeling)
½ C salted peanuts or your choice of nuts

In bowl, whisk milk and pudding mix 1 minute. (mixture will be thick)  Whisk in 1 C whipped topping.  Fold in remaining topping.  Fold in apples, Refrigerate until serving.  Sprinkle with nuts.  Recipe can be doubled to serve 12.  If you are watching your calories….you can use fat-free milk, sugar-free pudding and reduced fat whipped topping.  You can also use strawberry pudding with strawberries – banana pudding with bananas…etc!

Orange Pop Cake
1 lemon cake mix
1 box lemon instant pudding
¾ C oil
¾ C orange pop
4 eggs

Beat all ingredients well.  Pour into greased bundt pan.  Bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees.  Invert cooled cake onto plate and probe with fork to make holes for the glaze.

1/3 C orange pop
2C powdered sugar
2T oil

Mix together and pour over cake.

Three Lettuce Strawberry Salad
2-3 kinds of leaf lettuce
Sliced red onion rings
French fried onion rings, canned
Sliced fresh strawberries
Dressing:  1/2C sugar
1 tsp dry mustard
4T cider vinegar
1T celery seed
1C Crisco oil
1tsp grated onion

Dressing can be made ahead.  Don’t toss salad until ready to serve.

Crunchy Pea Salad
1 pkg. frozen baby peas, thawed
1C diced celery
1C chopped cauliflower
¼ C diced green onions
1 C chopped cashews
½ C sour cream
1 C ranch dressing
¼ C bacon bits
Shredded cheese, optional

Combine ingredients; chill

Enjoy these summer recipes!!